Nicosia or Lefkosia (in Greek), combines the diverse cultural and historic wealth with the modern business center and everyday life.

Nicosia or Lefkosia region lies at the center of the island. Lefkosia, the capital of the island and region, is the only divided capital of the world. The history of the city dates back to the Bronze Age while the city is the capital of Cyprus since the late Byzantine period. The beautiful old city is surrounded by a distinctive star shape sandstone wall with three gates which were built in 1567 by the Venetians. The Venetian Wall is characterized as the landmark of Lefkosia. The three gates connect the city with the rest seafront regions of Cyprus.

Lefkosia, combines the diverse cultural and historic wealth with the modern business center and everyday life. It is the home of the most important museums of the island; the Archeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum, Folk Art Museum, The Museum of Struggle and Levendis Municipality Museum. Musical and theatrical events are often organized at the various theatrical stages of the city for the demanding lovers of Performance and Art. A visitor should definitely visit Ledra Street which constitutes a historical monument itself. This traditional busiest shopping street leads to narrow streets with art-cafes and bars that attract both locals and tourists. Lefkosia hosts the headquarters of major Cypriot banks, international companies and newspapers. Furthermore, the city has 5 universities, four of which are private. The city offers a variety of great restaurants and clubs. From taverns that serve meters of meze with the sounds of bouzouki to fashionable clubs where one can enjoy the sounds of electronic music.

The countryside of the region of Nicosia offers a variety of attractions and locations to admire and explore. Picturesque villages with cobbled streets, preserved stone and adobe houses, offering a glimpse of rural life in Cyprus. The old Machairas Monastery which is located on the peak of Machairas Mountains with breathtaking views over the plains, the valley and the pine forest. The ancient rich kingdom of Tamassos, built near copper mines. Another ancient kingdom, Idalion that is currently under excavation. The village of Fikardou which has been declared a national monument and was awarded the Europa Nostra award in 1987.

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